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    My name is Max Bisantz and I am applying for the position of ghostwriter at your lifestyle blog. As lead copywriter of an e-commerce website, I understand the importance of alienating your consumer. My knowledge of SEO, metadata, and refurbished drawer-pulls enables me to pad your daddy’s offshore investments while maintaining a net worth of flax seeds. I exhibit a liberal understanding of the English language and use the following words interchangeably:

    fair trade
    I also know twelve cute ways to rock a denim romper.

    Prior to my work as a corporate bullshitter, I attended Sarah Lawrence College with a double major in Creative Writing and Taking the Time to Watch the Sun Rise. An internship with Catcher PR readied me for the global marketplace, including Ibiza, which you simply must visit this time of year. I participated in a study abroad program consisting of holistic yoga and cherishing the friendships in my life. I understand the link between gluten and childhood autism.

    Attached I have included four samples of my product copy, each representing a top-selling item for basic bitches aged 18-40.


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    • Less danger of writing awful purple prose
    • Friends can survive without constantly being around each other
    • Friendships are really cute
    • It’s easier to write healthy friendships
    • Somebody can be friends with two people without it turning into an annoying “friendship…

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Forks and Knives



    Forks and Knives

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    2. BEAR

    A mondegreen is a misinterpreted song title or lyric. An example is the mishearing of a certain hymn title as “Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear.” The verb bear, meaning “to carry, endure or give birth to,” comes from Old English beran, of Germanic origin, from the Indo-European root bher-. The name of the big, hairy lumbering mammal comes from Old English bera, “bear,” from Germanic *berō, meaning “the brown animal,” “bear.”

    — 11 Doppelganger Words: The Resemblance is Eerie via MentalFloss

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    Classic books that have been subjected to some unfortunate covers…

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    A little Shakespeare heavy, but man is this one hilarious list. Tumblr is just about the most creative place on the internet. 

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    Great profile of a fascinating writer!

    via The Guardian

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    via Goodreads, 20 intersections between history and literature

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    People say the best revenge is living well. I say it’s acid in the face. Who will love them now?


    Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) 

    2 minutes in and this is already the funniest book I’ve read this year. 

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The Writers’ Retreat
For the July 20 NY Times Book Review. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman and editor Pamela Paul!


    The Writers’ Retreat

    For the July 20 NY Times Book Review. Thanks to AD Nicholas Blechman and editor Pamela Paul!

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